CFO's in the Cloud

Posted by Jeff Hussey on Mar 24, 2017 8:12:00 PM


A successful move to the cloud often requires broad consensus from executive stakeholders. The most skeptical and least technical of all is often the CFO – someone who wants to understand the total cost of ownership (TCO) and ROI in the earliest stages of the process.

Luckily, cloud has such remarkable benefits that any business case can start off strong.

With a sound implementation of cloud, you can access a greater variety of technology resources at a lower cost than ever. Companies across all industries and size categories are embracing it.

In fact, cloud is quickly becoming a competitive necessity, not just a “nice to have.” Businesses will have to make a decision about the best timing for their cloud transition sooner or later.

Still, you’re sure to run into questions from the CFO that have to be answered:

  • What is the total cost of ownership (TCO) for cloud resources over a year?
  • What one-time and ongoing costs are involved during the cloud transition?
  • What licensing costs will be involved and how do they compare to current?
  • Will cloud services be handled by a vendor or in-house as a capital expense?

While TCO is a major concern, the biggest worry for most CEOs is return on investment.

How can you predict something with so many variables and win the agreement you need?

You Can’t Predict the Future – But You Can Make a Compelling Case for Cloud

To get to the root of the equation – both TCO and ROI – you need to come into discussions with a full understanding. Although accessing cloud resources should be seamless once they are set up, driving an implementation to completion is complex. To begin with, not all enterprises have the deep and wide in-house experience to achieve it.

Some of the key variables include:

  • Hardware
  • Licensing
  • Staffing
  • Data Center

On-premise data centers also have a variety of drawbacks any risk-oriented CFO is sure to be aware of. Running a large IT operation on-site means more costs and greater liability in the event of downtime. It also calls for more aggressive hiring and additional layers of technology leadership so disaster recovery plans can be enacted quickly.

While abundant statistics are available to demonstrate the importance of cloud, everything has to be contextualized in the context of the enterprise. Outsourcing core cloud services often makes sense.

On-Site or Off, You Can Achieve Cloud Clarity With NCA and Evolve IP

NCA has been working hard with Evolve IP – a global cloud services pioneer with more than 100,000 implementations – to reduce the risks and enhance the benefits of cloud. Our findings are clear: No matter what your business situation, the right cloud platform can add immense value.

NCA’s Carrier and IP Solutions representatives can help you realize the power of cloud. We work with you to evaluate your cloud needs and illuminate the financial and performance factors. That means you’ll go to meetings armed with a watertight business case.

One of our advantages is the unique Evolve IP TCO calculator.

Using hard data from thousands of cloud and virtualization projects around the world, the TCO calculator gives you the clearest picture yet of the financial contingencies involved in the cloud.

Our Carrier and IP Solutions experts will help you interpret them and put them into context so you can champion your desired cloud configuration with confidence. We’ll even help you shore up your vision of how cloud fits into your business strategy.

You can't change the way your CFO thinks, but you can turn TCO into an ally.

Contact NCA today to learn more.

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