Are Carrier Re-alignments affecting your organization?

Posted by Jeff Hussey on Jul 25, 2018 10:13:39 AM

carrier re allignment 1In 2017 alone, there was more than $150 billion in merger, acquisition, and divestiture activity in the telecom space. The end result is a more consolidated industry landscape with fewer telecom carriers than ever, which can make it harder for small and mid-sized enterprises to operate.

If you are an SMB enterprise, you rely on uninterrupted service from your telecom carriers. These entities must deliver the capabilities you need to succeed, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Unfortunately, they don’t always live up to their commitments.

That’s especially true when rapid-fire M&A causes telcos to slice and dice their assets.

Back in Q1 2017, Zayo Group closed a $1.42 billion acquisition of Electric Lightwave (ELI), formerly Integra Telecom. While touted as a major step forward in performance for the affected clients, the reality – as is often the case – was very different.

Zayo embarked on a strategy to spin off smaller Integra clients to Allstream. The result: Seismic changes in support and service levels that happened quickly, without input from those impacted. Clients were left to turn on a dime to accommodate changes they were never consulted on.

The bottom line: M&A and other big, “strategic” moves can leave your enterprise in the lurch by impacting your partners, customers, or the network architecture between them.

That’s why you need a single point of contact that will always be there for you.

NCA is a Single Point of Contact for Global and National Communications Providers

Stability is increasingly important in telecom and network services. NCA provides it.

NCA has decades of experience and has been a trusted provider of innovative technology solutions since the days of copper wiring and dialup modems. Now, in today’s world of fiber optic broadband and cloud services, we are still working with many of our first clients.

In a world where everything is changing faster than ever, couldn’t you use a North Star in IT?

Our business and technology leaders can consult with you on all your needs. From strategy to day-to-day technology implementation, we’ve seen it all. We’re especially adept at evaluating providers and vendors to ensure you get the most from your entire value chain.

By examining your business profile and prospects, we can align technology solutions with your current and future needs – no matter if that means recommending an existing option or building out complete custom functionality from the ground up.

To find out more or get started, contact NCA today.