Advanced ShoreTel System Administrator Training

Posted by Susan Sison on Dec 29, 2014 11:53:00 AM

Posted by Susan Sison on Mar 24, 2017 9:29:00 AM

img nca trainingThrough NCA Certified ShoreTel training, you’ll gain familiarity with all relevant services for your enterprise. This experiential, instructor-led course provides hands-on skills in all aspects of system evaluation, troubleshooting, and management.

Course Objectives

Students will gain a thorough backing in the full range of skills and tools, including:

Call Quality and Membership

ShoreTel call flow planning and management, workgroups, hunt groups, audio attendants, adding users and phones, using collaboration tools, voice switch phones and commands, access license types, and more.

Diagnostics and Monitoring

Maintaining ShoreTel Communicator, using CSIS and TAPI with Communicator, using Quick Look for diagnostics and monitoring, logging, event management and filtering, ShoreTel Director suite, IPDS server logs, processes and events, loss of connectivity, Client Application Server (CAS) monitoring, and using Wire Shark and other tools to quickly identify and resolve the most common performance issues.

Network Connectivity and Scalability

Server initialization and management, moving and upgrading servers and other hardware, monitoring telnet access and switch connectivity, remote packet capture for switching, switch call routing using LSP and DRS, switch command line interface (CLI) tools, telnetting for diagnostics and administration, IPBXctl and burn flash, hardware connectivity, using virtual machines, and dial pad commands for administrators.

IP Phones

IP phone troubleshooting with software and hardware tools, customizing the configurable features of each phone, programming buttons, recording calls, and more.

Target Audience

Network engineers, security engineers, and IT support staff.


Students should understand networking fundamentals including routing, switching, and IP addressing, as well as basic port-based security. Additional experience with IP-based telephony, general networking, and security technologies such as IPS, proxies, or content filtering is a plus.

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