7 Things Your Mom Should Have Taught You About Cloud-based Backup and Disaster Recovery

Posted by Jeff Hussey on May 19, 2015 2:00:00 PM

Ahh, mom. She took care of you as a kid, she baked you cookies, and she drove you to Little League games. But did you know she was also an expert on cloud-based disaster recovery?

Cloud back up
All kidding aside, if your company is looking to utilize the cloud for disaster recovery (DR), you're not alone. The cloud is well suited for a number of DR applications and uses, including data storage and VM replication, among other things.

But as with any DR plan, there are some considerations to think about when moving to the cloud for disaster recovery. NCA Carrier and IP Solutions can help you with your DR planning and design, and advise you on some of those considerations and best practices, including:

Cloud-based DR works especially well with your virtual environments - While you can use the cloud to provide DR for traditional infrastructure, it works even better with virtual environments, because you can use the cloud for things like image replication, VM template storage, and data replication. NCA Carrier and IP Solutions can help you design the right image and data replication approach for your enterprise.

Choose a cloud provider that allows you to store templates for low or no cost - A key attribute of your cloud provider should be the ability to create server templates for later use, and stand up virtual machines that are kept in a 'powered off' state, all for a lower charge than normal usage. Amazon and other cloud providers do this, and NCA Carrier and IP Solutions can help you navigate different cloud providers to find the right one.

Understand your data replication approach and costs well before a DR event - The key to any DR approach is the data. Applications and servers can be rebuilt, but lost data can't. That's why you need to implement data replication well in advance of any emergency, but you need to establish and test your data restoration process. NCA Carrier and IP Solutions knows data backup, and we can help you implement the right solution.

Deduplication is a good thing - One of the techniques that NCA Carrier and IP Solutions can implement is deduplication, which is key to both backup performance and keeping costs down.

Scalable networks help tremendously - Many carriers offer DR options for their networks, that can be utilized in times of emergency without costing too much in the meantime. NCA Carrier and IP Solutions can help you identify carrier DR services that allow you maintain a DR network that doesn't break your budget.

Find a way to make your DR environment active - One of the biggest obstacles to implementing DR environments is the cost, given that (hopefully) you'll never need to use it. One way to cost-justify the environment is to make it active to at least some degree, so that you get some use from it, creating an active-active configuration. NCA Carrier and IP Solutions can help you design environments that provide DR and serve your business at the same time.

Test, test again, and then test again - Testing, like data replication, is the key to successful DR planning. NCA Carrier and IP Solutions can help you craft a DR testing plan that will thoroughly test your DR approach, and eliminate common testing errors.

If you're implementing a DR approach, NCA Carrier and IP Solutions can help, and we'd love to talk to you about the professional, managed, and advisory services we offer around disaster recovery and other technologies. If you'd like to hear more, contact us today.