6 Cybersecurity Steps to Take This Fall

Posted by Susan Sison on Sep 8, 2017 2:27:32 PM


SSL TSL Encrpted cyberthreatsYou can say a lot of things about 2017, but one thing is for certain—information has moved at a frenetic pace. Few can recall a time when data was deployed at such breakneck speed, with such profound impacts. As fall approaches and we begin to settle back into our work routine it is time to look back on the threat landscape and see how we’ve done so far this year.

CSO offers an overview of the current and future threat landscape, and the news is troubling:

And while CSO suggests that the actual number of security events dropped 8.2 percent over the past year, 68 percent of respondents saw similar or greater overall impact from cyberthreats, with only 30 percent of polled businesses escaping a significant setback by hackers. Even with great strides in addressing security, risks remain.

As a result, companies must continue to increase and enhance their cybersecurity efforts, spending more on innovative technology throughout 2017 and well into the future. With nearly 70 percent of those polled reporting some cybersecurity threat, there is still much work to be done.

CSO offers six critical actions companies can take in an attempt to stay ahead of the threats:

  1. Security is more than an IT issue. A cybersecurity strategy starts with top leadership and should be all inclusive across the company.
  2. It is time to invest in security staff. Your security teams cannot survive on a duct tape mentality – they need access to the most current resources and education specifically related to current threat levels.
  3. Look deeper into the threat environment. Outside threats are often easily avoided with a tight knit preventative program. While many threats come directly from within, keeping the bad guys out is the simplest step.
  4. Provide ongoing security awareness education for employees. With 28 percent of attacks coming from within, employees need to be better educated about how security threats make their way in and what they can do to prevent them from happening. Training and education are priceless.
  5. Evaluate the cybersecurity of data partners. You are only as secure as your weakest link. Any place your data lives, or anyone who has access to it, needs to be just as secure as you are. Invest in tools that manage threats from all sources and choose partners wisely.
  6. Testing. Security testing must be both comprehensive and ongoing. Criminals don’t work on a timeframe, neither should you.

Developing a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy is difficult without a dedicated staff. Companies need more than basic firewalls; they need education, testing, and technology to combat threats effectively. As a result, many smart companies are turning to managed service providers who can provide the tools and advice that can best protect their business.

As a Fortinet partner, NCA (Network Computing Architects, Inc.) is one such provider, offering best-of-breed security technology, expertise, and services to help you manage your cybersecurity policies. By using proven, end-to-end protection tools like the Fortinet Security Fabric, we help our customers to implement the right SIEM software solutions.

We encourage you to reach out directly with any questions or to discuss ways that we can work together to ensure a more secure future for your organization.


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