5 Strategies to Reduce Healthcare CFO Anxieties

Posted by Susan Sison on Oct 30, 2015 11:32:00 AM

The position of Healthcare CFO is one of the most complex and important professions in the entire industry. Advancements in technology has made healthcare far more efficient but also creates its own unique challenges. Cloud computing has started to see widespread use for servers, email software, and other business essential technologies. With landline phones becoming less common many organizations are moving their phone systems to the cloud as well. Network Computing Architects, Inc. (NCA) are experts in networking and telecommunications sector. Here is how NCA’s UCFlex Cloud UC can help make your job as CFO an easier one.


Patient Friendly

Patients should always come first and one of the keys to assist them is being available to help. With the UCFlex Cloud UC platform you have a phone system that has all the advantages that cloud technology offers. Aside from all the options you're used to having with your existing phone system the UCFlex Cloud UC platform is available anywhere that has a phone connection. Meaning at the office, a home office, or on the go your employees can interact with your customers when needed.

ICD-10 Codes

The shift from the ICD-9 to ICD-10 was essential as the older codes were becoming increasingly out of date and were not written for current medical standards, practices and technology. However, replacing a 30 year old coding system involves a great deal of work. With NCA’s help you can easily transition to the current code sets and meet all CMS and HIPAA requirements.


Web RTC is a highly useful but complex communication tool. As a backbone component of various forms of communication (including voice, video chat, file sharing, and more) it is an essential part of your workday. NCA helps manage these setting making the complex far easier and simpler to manage. With your IT infrastructure managed by experts you do not have to worry about communication between your staff or your patients.

Reducing Readmission Rates

When working with NCA you are working with true industry professionals. Part of reducing readmission rates is having a stable system you can depend on. NCA is knowledgeable about the healthcare industry and when you use NCA’s UCFlex Cloud UC platform you can rest easy knowing you will be able to reach your patients when they need you. Being able to provide your patients with the support and knowledge they need to improve their health and be engaged in their own overall health care is essential. By being able to engage with patients easily reduces readmission which in turn reduce overall costs.

Healthcare Consolidations

As healthcare providers consolidate and expand they gain the ability to assist more patients and handle healthcare on a much wider scale. However, growth also comes with its own unique challenges. As CFO you have to manage the growing hospital, its larger staff, and the increase in patients as well. NCA can help with this process in a wide variety of areas. NCA’s UCFlex Cloud UC is easily expanded as your phone system grows. You can easily modify users as needed and manage your growing phone system from one main account.