4 Cybersecurity Resolutions To Make In The New Year

Posted by Susan Sison on Feb 20, 2017 1:00:04 PM

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It’s natural for all of us to look at the calendar, and seeing a fresh start, make resolutions for the New Year. The security professionals in your IT department are no exception – but they may see the world differently than those who are looking to lose 20 pounds or get a new job.

They see the threats cybercriminals have represented in 2016 and can predict what may come in 2017.

And it’s going to be tough.

With the new start 2017 represents, you too can get a head start on security. Whether your network is large or small, whether you’ve experienced a large breach or no, there are some resolutions we all can make for the coming year.

Resolutions for 2017

What resolutions have you made to improve your cybersecurity posture in 2017? Here’s what our partner, Fortinet recommends.

  1. Resolve to rethink how you look at security. Gone are the days where you can throw up a wall and expect the invaders to stay out. In today’s business climate, security has to start with visibility, with open security solutions to work with different vendors and networks. Today’s digital economy is fluid with new platforms, mobile devices, the IoT (Internet of Things) and employees savvy in the ways of shadow IT. Security needs to be responsive to the needs of the business in addition to being up-to-date.
  2. Resolve to get prepared and synchronize your response to the next threat. Malware has been in its infancy, lying dormant until activated by a series of actions. But the future will bring threats that can act autonomously, and malware created with success-based programs to learn from and improve upon itself. Responses will require integrated and intelligent technologies that can work across platforms.
  3. Resolve to secure the cloud and your reputation. With 20 billion connected devices, the machine-to-machine network has created a giant, mostly insecure attack surface ripe for any hacker. At the end of 2016 we saw a massive attack on the internet in the U.S. and Western Europe, wielding internet-connected devices that attacked the cloud. While most businesses need to rely on the cloud, that trust will end when a breach affects a customer of that business operating in the cloud – as we saw in 2016. Secure who has access to your online resources and defend the cloud and your reputation.
  4. Resolve to acknowledge the security skills gap. The shortage of cybersecurity professionals is real, and getting your whole IT team up to speed will take time. Find a partner who can bring you the skills you need. Managed security services providers (MSSPs) are consultants who can provide everything from advice to turnkey solutions to guidance through the world of security in 2017.

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