3 Ways Hosted Voice Can Benefit Your Business

Posted by Susan Sison on Oct 12, 2015 9:36:00 AM


The benefits of hosted voice are perfect for smaller businesses, but even large businesses are making the switch. If you’re still undecided, here are three of the benefits of hosted voice that may spur you towards making the switch.


1. Hosted Voice Has Low Initial Capital Costs and Low Ongoing Costs

Cost savings are one of the benefits of hosted voice. There is a lot of cost savings involved, and those savings aren’t just for the initial setup. They’re across the board.Equipment costs – The equipment you use on premises can often consist of equipment you already own. Larger, pricier equipment, such as servers, are held by the host company, not you.Upkeep and maintenance costs – Since the host company holds the most expensive equipment, they also have the responsibility of maintaining it and making sure it’s always available to you.Staff costs – You do not need dedicated IT staff for your voice data operations. The hosting company is the staff, and if there are any issues at all, they will deal with them.The cost savings listed here are just an example to help you see just how much money it won’t cost you to have a scalable, reliable, and feature rich telephony system for your business.

2. Hosted Voice Offers Both Scalability and Flexibility

Another of the benefits of hosted voice comes with its scalability. Often, it’s possible to pay only for the services and features you need. Since most hosts charge by the month or in some other even increment, it’s possible to change your service to suit your needs as you go.For example, you can upgrade for a month, and then go back to your normal package the next month. This can come in handy to help keep costs down while also giving you the ability to deal with temporary challenges as they come up.

Trying new things

The benefits of hosted voice also allow for you to try new things with your services. You can expand your services if you open a new location, and retract them if that new endeavor doesn’t work out. Hosted voice is an excellent example of adding mobility and convenience in ways you may not have thought possible.Remember, many of the benefits of hosted voice come from the fact it’s a cloud solution. That gives you the ability to take advantage of voice services wherever, and however you please. The services are not tethered to one place.

3. Hosted Voice Improves Productivity and Employee Communications

Another of the benefits of hosted voice is its feature-rich platform. These features vary, but they can help make your employees far more productive. VoIP features also allow employees an unprecedented breadth of communication capabilities.

New and improved features

You will still get all the call features you’re used to. But since this is a data solution, you also get more robust versions of basic call features. In addition, there are features you can only get with hosted voice.These features can add a whole new dynamic to your business. Not only can they improve productivity, they can give you the ability to communicate from anywhere in various ways. Just look at any VoIP feature list, and you’ll see.

Evaluate Your Business Needs

The good news is that one of the benefits of hosted voice is you can invest in as much or as little as you want from the service. So there’s always some benefit to digging into hosted voice services to see what can benefit you most.

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