1nService Announces New Website


1NService. Your business connector.

At 1NService, we focus on transformational change that will support the integrators to a new business model that has greater value. We do this through trusted relationships, education, and service enablement. We work to help you view your business from more than just your balance sheet.

1NService is a global consortium of regional integrators and technology suppliers. Members of 1NService work together to enable service delivery and competency outside of their own solutions, thereby creating more revenue and profitability through collaboration. Our elite membership is over 20 companies, 125 offices, over 2,500 W-2 employees, 1,200 engineers, 100+ project managers with access to over 28,000 field technicians. The technicians and engineers within our member organizations have earned the highest level of training from our vast array of premier technology providers.

Membership within 1NService provides our integrator members with:

Profitability Improvement (Business Health)
Improved Labor UtilizationImproved business work flow through unified methodologies and best practices
Strengthening of manufacturer relationships
Creating/enabling new revenue through unified collaboration

1NService chooses to work with a few select manufacturers. Technology manufacturers choose to be connected to 1NService when they recognize that working in a collaborative environment enables them to develop channel relationships more efficiently.