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We're ready to do business.

Thank you for considering Network Computing Architects, Inc. for your internetworking, consulting and security needs.

For us to consider granting credit terms, our credit application must be completed and signed. As a matter of policy, we must process the credit application and establish the terms and credit limit before we can release products. Our standard credit term is net 30 days from date of shipment.

To better serve your needs in the future and prevent billing problems, I would like to point out three areas of our credit application that are of particular importance: 1) accounts payable contact, 2) estimated maximum credit required and 3) purchase order information, including authorized individuals. By completing these lines we can work out basic billing issues with the appropriate personnel in your organization and minimize credit-limit updates.

Upon our receipt of your completed credit application, please allow three to five business days to process and establish credit terms. If there are other items or clarification needed to establish credit terms with us, we will notify you immediately. We encourage you to submit your credit application prior to placing your order with us.

If you have questions related to the credit application process please talk to your salesperson.

Please visit NCA's credit application link to view and print a copy of our credit application. It's designed to be printed directly from your browser, so there's no need to download anything. Just press the print button at the top of your Internet Explorer or Netscape browser page. After you've completely filled out the application and read the terms, fax the application to the number at the bottom of the printout. It's that easy! Thanks for your interest in NCA's credit program.

Warm Regards,

Network Computing Architects, Inc.

Leasing Options

Network Computing Architects works with many different leasing companies. If you do not currently have a relationship with a leasing company, we can recommend a few companies from which our customers have reported great experiences:

GreatAmerica Financial Services Corporation: (866) 471-0955; ask for Harrison Gerber.

Alpine Leasing Inc.: (800) 670-8101; ask for Chris Fitting.

Sound Leasing: (866) 453-2731; ask for Brian Hill.

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