Our History

Founded in 1992, Network Computing Architects, Inc. (NCA) began as an IP Only, Wide Area Networking (WAN) data-infrastructure company, helping customers adopt and use technologies to build the early public Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

As corporations adopted this new communications technology, our philosophy was to get to know our customer's business, its people and processes in order to create customized technology plans, road maps and solutions—a pattern we continue to follow.

Our earliest customers included Amazon, Starbucks and Microsoft, and we helped build some of their first networks.

We quickly expanded our offerings to include IP services, managed services and support; we designed and implemented communications networks to ensure that the quality of the solution was fully guaranteed and supported.

As new enterprise applications were being developed by vendors, we identified a key problem with their deployment—a lack of integration between those applications and business processes. To address this, NCA began offering and deploying custom integrations to help customers address these issues. Our ability to deploy an application and ensure the availability to authorized individuals became a crucial aspect of our business value to customers.

With the dawn of the Internet Age, corporations began to more fully embrace its power and potential, and we realized that security would become one of the most important issues our clients would face.  Today, NCA is one of the top security consulting firms in the industry, providing protections to clients who must be secure.

As the security threats become more advanced, NCA continues to help guard our customer's most valuable resource—its data—by partnering with the leading network security software creators in the world.